Why Choose Octogram Press For Your Flyer Printing?

Despite the growing popularity of internet marketing, flyer distribution is still considered as an effective way to make sales and bring profit to the business. This is why many businesses still demand for flyer printing as additional marketing strategy outside the Internet world. Thanks to the printing companies that have never given up on printing all sorts of printed advertisements to help businesses reach out to a large number of people.

Use flyer printing for your marketing strategy

One of these flyer printing companies that continuously assist different types of businesses is the Octogram Press. Backed with solid experience in the field of printing, Octogram aspires to provide unparalleled service to its existing clients and prospects. So, if you are searching for a printing company for any print ads, why not try Octogram Press? Here are reasons why you should choose this printing company.

Reputable Background

Established in 1986, Octogram Press has built a good reputation in the industry by ensuring that all their projects are of high quality when handed over to the clients. With more than 2 decades of experience, clients can rest assured that the company will only produce high standard print jobs big or small, simple or complex and one colour or multi-coloured.

Over the years, the company has carved its name in the printing industry which is why more and more customers come to them to get their service. Aside from excellent print jobs, Octogram also ensures that they deliver utmost customer service to all of their clients. However, they don’t want to stop there. The company is constantly working towards achieving their ultimate goal, which is to bring not just good but superior printing experience to each customer they serve.

High-End Printing Equipment

Another reason why you should opt for Octogram Press is their commitment to provide the best quality of print jobs by investing in the latest equipment, technology and training. The printing company has equipped themselves with cutting-edge printing machines, such as Heidelberg Speed Master (SM) 102, Heidelberg Speed Master (SM) 74, Mitsibishi 3F and other supporting machineries. Investing in most advanced equipment enables them to cater to various sizes and complexity of printing demands, which means they can serve customers better.

Customer satisfaction is their priority. This is why they will continue looking out for the latest machines and technology that can help them provide superior printing services.

Octogram Press offers several printing services

More Options

Octogram offers a wide array of print services suitable for businesses of all nature and sizes, including one-man show, SME (Small Business Enterprise) and large MNC (Multi-national Corporation). If you are in need of flyers, they can print a range of paper sizes such as A2 to A6, allowing you to choose which size suits your campaign. When it comes to quality, Octogram can print anything from 70gsm to 260gms.

In addition, they can also print in Artcard or Artpaper to give the clients more options.

Flyer printing is still effective in reaching people

Quick Service

Where can you find a printing company that can produce your flyer or any print advertisement in 48 hours? Yes it’s possible at Octogram Press. As part of their goal to satisfy customers, they can deliver most jobs within 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. If your flyer design is basic and doesn’t involve complex style, you can have it within just a short time.

From flyers to other printing services, Octogram Press is a trusted name you can rely on. They do not discriminate customers, as every client is important to them.


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