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3D printing services isn’t relatively a new printing service nor is it an old printing service in Singapore. It is a printing service that has been around since 1984, and has been recently welcomed by most corporate companies, architectures, entrepreneurs, etc. for its realistic 3d model prototypes, which is a great for showcasing purposes during commercial events or presenting it to prospective clients.

However, 3d printing can be divided into two: industrial printing and consumer printing. As technology advanced, it became possible for consumers to print things for themselves – making it easier and accessible for anyone to do it for themselves. This also, makes it hard for people to know which one of 3d printing services Singapore, they can rely on. With this inquiry in mind, people need to know that there is a major difference in industrial printing and consumer printing.

To start off, consumer-oriented 3d printers are cheaper, smaller, and slower. These consumer-oriented 3d printers are usually lower in resolution than industrial printers. This is why, it is usually recommended for businesses to approach and research on printing services Singapore that provide 3d printing services. Even though, it cost more to print with an industrial printer; it is best to always take into account the benefits that you will get with an industrial printer: it is a lot faster than commercial printers, and are higher in resolution. This often results in high quality finish in products printed by 3d industrial printers.

The reasons why 3d printers can produce such results are: industrial 3d printers tend to be very large and very expensive – for a normal consumer to purchase; some industrial printers can print with multiple nozzles at the same time, or even use metal for a more realistic 3d prototype finish. Thus, the very idea that industrial 3d printers can do so much more at a very short amount of time and still produce great result is enough to convince any businesses to approach printing services Singapore such as OctagramPress for its 3d printing service.

OctagramPress will provide not only the best 3d printing service Singapore for your business, but will also quote the best price for you to refer to, and also promise nothing but the best 3d finish result to your product. We know time matters to you, and by engaging our 3d printing service; not only will we deliver your product in the shortest amount of time, but you will also be left satisfied and proud to showcase your 3d prototype models to commercial events or even during business presentation to your prospective clients.



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