Interesting 3D Objects That You Can Print

As technology continues to evolve, it is not impossible to discover new inventions that will surely leave everyone dumbfounded. One of the incredible inventions is the 3D printer, which allows users to print any object in 3-dimensional form. 3D printing is regarded as the future of printing services in Singapore and rest of the world, and is expected to dramatically impact the way consumers buy products in the near future.

Interesting 3D Printing Objects

Over the years, 3D printing has captured the interest of several people letting them print whatever object they aspire to print. A number of people have challenged the capability of the 3D printer through printing intricately designed objects. Consequently, the result astounded them. If you are curious on interesting objects that were printed using 3D printer, below are few of them.

3D Self Miniatures

A Germany-based company called Twinkind turned heads when they introduced 3D-print full coloured, lifelike replica of their customers. They can produce a miniature version of an individual with impressive details from the hairstyle to the colour of the clothing. The company performs a 360-degree scan of the customer for them to process the 3D self miniature printing. Customers can print out one copy or various copies to create a small army of self figurines.

This initiative captured the public’s growing interest in technology. Are you curious on how you would look in a smaller version? Head to a printing service provider and print a miniature of you.

Print A Castle With 3D Printers

3D Printed Life-Sized Castle

Several young girls have dreamt of entering a castle similar to those in fairy tale stories wherein princesses lived in huge castle. May be you can think of taking your children to Disneyland to see real castles, or you can follow what Andrey Rudenko did. This guy from Minnesota printed a 3D full-sized concrete castle and placed it in his own spacious backyard. Rudenko built a large-scale 3D printer to accomplish this project.

While a large-scale 3D printer might be difficult to find, you can start from a small castle to surprise your little girl. There are lots of companies offering 3D printing service in Singapore that you easily search.

3D Google Glass

The Google Glass costs approximately US$1,500 which makes it quite impossible for the majority to own one. Nonetheless, if you really want to wear one but don’t have the budget, why not print it? With the help of 3D printer, you can have an alternative to Google Glass which will only cost you a few bucks. A Chinese entrepreneur named Sunny Gao made headline when he printed a fully functional pair of Google Glass. However, the 3D printed version of the glass may look almost the same with the real one but it didn’t have the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth feature support.

Since it is still expensive, you may opt to use first the 3D printed version. Moreover, you can customise the colour based on your preference and fashion taste.

3D Printing Service In Singapore

The above mentioned are just few of the many interesting and useful objects that can be printed using the 3D printer. If you have not decided on what to print, you may opt for small items such as, coffee mugs, ring, kitchen utensils, smartphone cases and decorative items. After that, you can print bigger objects such as scooter, car, robot, acoustic guitar and others. There are limitless of choices on what you can print using the 3D printer. No worries as there are various companies that offer printing services in Singapore; hence you can quickly get what you want.


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